About Playbods

Playbods is a collaboration between Kim Glassby and Bryony Pritchard. They met rolling around on the floor at a dance workshop in an art gallery in 2007 and became good friends. They have been developing ideas and projects together since 2011.

Kim Glassby

Kim is a community dance and movement artist and has been delivering and co- ordinating community arts projects & performances over the past 11 years across Yorkshire and the North-West. She specialises in working in Early Years settings, and dance with families, older people and children and adults with learning difficulties with an emphasis on health and wellbeing. She uses play, physicality, creativity and person-centred practice as central aspects of her approach in working with all groups and individuals. In doing so she works to create open and inviting conditions to support people to move, dance, create and socially interact in natural, enjoyable and inclusive ways, as she feels that this is what makes us fundamentally human and feel more alive, at any age.

Bryony Pritchard

Bryony is an interdisciplinary artist with a background in visual arts and movement. Her work brings together participatory events, interactivity, play, performance, installation, sculpture, film and dance.
Bryony works as a creative practitioner and project coordinator with festivals, galleries, charities, organisations and education services. In these roles she is able to explore her interests in creative learning with members of the community. Find out about her other projects here www.artfever.org.uk

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